Basement-Finishing-Edgewood-WAHave you been thinking of transforming your otherwise neglected basement to a more useful living area? If yes, then you must hire a company that is expert in providing basement renovations. Basement remodeling or renovation is fast catching up homeowners as it gives them an additional living area which is otherwise used as a dumping place.

Get in touch with RCW Construction for high quality basement finishing in Edgewood, WA. Being experts at home remodeling, we provide inexpensive basement finishing ideas to our clients that are looking for cost effective solutions to make their basements last for a long time. We use such inorganic materials for basement finishing that:

  • Add beauty and value
  • Do not cause mold or mildew growth
  • Make the area comfortable

We can discuss the basement finishing system cost based on your preferences and budget. We recommend using such inorganic materials that are not susceptible to mold, mildew, rot or dust mite damage.

Basement Remodeling Edgewood

Basement-Remodeling-Edgewood-WABasement remodeling denotes transforming a moldy and dusty place to a well-designed and mold and allergen-free living space. This is possible only when you choose experienced basement remodeling contractors like us in Edgewood.

Serving as basement remodeling contractors in Edgewood, we have several basement design plans that can be used appropriately for your basement. Choose the plan from our basement remodeling ideas photos or give one if you want it customized. Rely on us for basement remodeling as we use the following materials:

  • Waterproof and washable basement walls
  • Thermal basement flooring
  • No sag, mold resistant basement ceiling
  • Energy efficient basement windows

Do not be worried about the basement remodeling costs as we will use materials that are high quality as well as within your budget.

Edgewood Basement Renovations

Basement-Renovations-Edgewood-WAIf you wish to give your existing basement a new and improved look then go for basement renovations with the experts. You might find the wall paint peeling off or the old basement windows not operating properly. These problems can be solved by undertaking basement renovations but with the professionals.

Count on us when you require basement renovations in Edgewood.  We have innumerable small basement renovations before and after pictures that will give you an idea of how the place can be transformed. Our basement renovations ideas will be to:

  • Utilize the space properly
  • Give the place a refurbished look
  • Make the basement for livable

Trust us to complete the basement renovations in the proposed time and budget.

Call RCW Construction at (253) 405-8109 for basement finishing and remodeling projects in Edgewood.