Basement-Finishing-Fife-WABasements are often the most neglected parts of homes as they are mostly used to store stuff that is not needed frequently. Basements are not cleaned regularly and may develop structural problems like mold growth if there is moisture penetration from somewhere.

Go for basement renovations if you wish to make the place more useable and clean. Choose a basement remodeling expert as there are several challenges while basement finishing.

Call RCW Construction for basement finishing jobs in Fife, WA. Being a construction specialist, we not only remodel homes or build new custom homes but also execute basement finishing projects. Having completed various basement finishing projects in Fife, we have seen that there are certain challenges to renovating this part of the home and these difficulties include:

  • Lower ceiling level
  • Fewer windows
  • More obstacles

We have many inexpensive basement finishing ideas ensuring that the basement would look like a part of your home and give you the desired space that you are looking for.

Basement Remodeling Fife

Basement-Remodeling-Fife-WARedesigning or remodeling the upper portions of a home is fairly easy as compared to basement remodeling for the limited space. Moreover there is the need to have an idea of the materials that must be used in the basement so that there is no mold growth.

Choose us for basement remodeling in Fife. Our expertise lies in remodeling the basement using the best of the following:

  • Materials
  • Advanced techniques
  • Basement interior design ideas

You can have a look at our basement remodeling ideas photos to get a view of our workmanship. We can have a discussion regarding the basement remodeling costs depending on what all you require in your basement.

Fife Basement Renovations

Basement-Renovations-Fife-WAYou can make a world of difference after getting basement renovations done in your home. Not only do you get extra space but you have a mold and allergen free area that is more functional than it was before the renovation was done.

Check out our small basement renovations before and after photos before awarding us the project. As the contractors for basement renovations in Fife, we assure to provide you the following after the basement finishing is done:

  • More space
  • Enhanced looks
  • Increased functionality

If you have any basement renovations ideas, you can get them to us and we will put them to reality.

Feel free to call RCW Construction at (253) 405-8109 for any basement finishing or basement remodeling project in Fife.